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Why start an SEO company in Jackson, TN? – My SEO Strategy

Nathan, why don’t you tell me a little bit about why you decided to start an SEO company in Jackson, TN of all places? Sure. So I think there are at least three reasons why I decided to start this SEO business in Jackson, TN. The first reason is for the need. So, Jackson is… Read More »

How To Create a Google My Business Listing (2019 Update)

Hey everyone. This is Bryan Caplan with the bigger, better biz channel where we equip you with the tools and know how to grow that bigger, better small business. Today I’m showing and you how to create a Google my business profile and I’m really excited you’re with me. First thing we’re going to do… Read More »

5 Small Business Marketing Strategy Tips in 2019

Small businesses, whether you’re at zero revenue and just starting, or you’ve hit that seven figure, million dollar mark, your marketing tactics to grow in scale are going to be slightly different than bigger companies. In this video, we’re gonna give you the 2019 guide on how to squeeze every dollar out of your marketing… Read More »

4 Digital Marketing Mistakes You Need To Fix Now! – Marketing Tips and Tricks

Hey guys, I’m Alister, I’m the Operations Manager here at Matter Solutions Nice to meet you Alister. So Alister, clients are constantly come to us with questions at the digital breakfasts and they’ve always questioned so can you tell me what you think a key mistake so when you create a Google Ads account there’s… Read More »

How To Get More Clients – Get More Customers And Clients For Your Business

– I think you ask yourself many times the same question. Where can I get first clients? It’s a classical question that many people, entrepreneurs, start uppers, ask many many times. Today, I will give you answer to this question. How you can get first clients and what is traction. There is one great book,… Read More »

Matt Bell Started a Country Club for Gearheads

(intense country rock music) – My dad was a very hardworking guy, and he worked for the same company for 37 years and then two years after he retired he passed away. That kind of showed me like, life is short and if you don’t do what your passionate about things can get past you.… Read More »

On-Page SEO Tips

Welcome to the first edition of Hump Day Hurdles where we help small business owners improve their online marketing and get more customers on their websites and in their stores. We all know it’s important for a business to have a website but even more important is that potential customers are able to find your… Read More »

Marketing plan: The story of Edwin Z Ingleton, ice-creamillionaire.

This is Edwin Z Ingleton. Edwin is an ice-cream tycoon. He made his money selling ice-creams to people who wanted to buy ice-creams. His story starts NOW. Edwin’s first foray into ice-cream could not be deemed a success. For some reason his customers didn’t enjoy his flavours. Something was amiss. But Edwin was passionate about… Read More »

How to Use Google My Business Questions

Hey everyone, it’s Bryan Caplan here with the bigger, better biz channel where we equip you with the tools and know how to grow that bigger, better small business. Today I wanted to make a quick video talking to you more about the idea of questions and answers on your Google my business profile. Stay… Read More »