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how to active Google ads on blogger || Blogspot || Website || Site | Rakesh Tech SOlutions

So this program activated by your ads Using with the Google Adsense so purpose off any with my blogger here, so yeah My blogger no ass will be there in my blogger. I can place my ass like this. I’ll show and blog here when entering from your ass so always people by the No… Read More »

What is alt and header tag optimization how to solve wordpress site 2018

What is alt and header tag optimization how to solve wordpress site 2018 I’m discussed two things one is called. What is all that second will be. What is the header tag? Why we can use it for these two options for the purpose of we can use it for is to option. So All… Read More »

Top plugins for wordpress ★ Best web hosting ★

hello friends amnesic from blog.com and today in this video i’ll show you how you can gain more shares and likes for your content and also expand your mailing list by using a plugin called content local if you have any content that people want to read then use the plug-in to exchange read for… Read More »

How to set up internal Site Search (3:55)

If you have a search field that lets customers search on your website, you can set up “Site Search” to track what search terms users enter. This can help you identify missing or obscured content, optimize navigation and site layout, improve search results, and even generate ideas for new keywords for marketing campaigns. To set… Read More »

SEO İçin Site Mimarisi Nasıl Oluşturulur? Silolama Yöntemi Nedir? [WPOKULU 2019]

Hello this section is about how should the appropriate site structure for SEO? I’ll tell you all this. The site structure is also used as a site architecture. What is a site structure? What is site architecture? Let me talk about this a little bit. As you know a site and links between these contents.… Read More »