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YouTube & SEO | Website Optimisation

hi my name is Joe Caneen the Video Whisperer and this is going to be talk on YouTube and SEO search engine optimization what they have to do with each other and what it all has to do with your own web sites and blogs and anything else like this you do on the Internet… Read More »

128. Les liens Sitewide sont-ils efficaces en SEO ? Vidéo SEO Abondance

Bienvenue dans cette nouvelle vidéo Abondance dans laquelle je voulais vous parler des liens sitewide et de leur efficacité potentielle en SEO. Alors de quoi s’agit-il? Qu’est-ce qu’un lien sitewilde ? C’est un lien qui pointe vers votre site et qui émane de pages d’un site web, et sur ce site web, tous ces liens… Read More »

Cartographie des acteurs et agences SEO en France

Salut, c’est Alex, aujourd’hui on va voir ensemble les différents sites web qui vont être mes concurrents dans le secteur de la SEO. Allez c’est parti… Alors pour ça on va simplement faire une recherche agence SEO. Alors bien évidemment, comme vous pouvez le voir, j’ai déjà fait bien évidemment des recherches, ce qui est… Read More »

Yoast SEO around the world!

Hi everyone. Of course we can tell you why Yoast is so very awesome but we’d rather have you hear it from people all over the world. So we ask people, what do you like about Yoast? Hi, my name is Matt Mullenweg and I love how much Yoast contributes to the WordPress community. So… Read More »

#24 – Things that shouldn’t be done for SEO – کارهایی که نباید برای سئو انجام شود

Greetings to you, I am Nick Arya Greetings to you, I am Farhad Khalaj Behind us, we have the image of Pasargadae (Capital of the Achaemenid Empire under Cyrus the Great, 559–530 BC) In a beautiful May weather In relation to SEO, Mr. Farhad What should we do to prevent dropping our score? What kind… Read More »

How Do I Add an XML Sitemap to My WordPress Site

how do I add a XML site map to my WordPress site hello and welcome I’m going to show you quickly how you can add XML site map to your website that is built on WordPress simply log into your dashboard and on the left hand side you have plugins here simply press on all… Read More »

3 best SEO practices for a fast-loading e-commerce site

3 best SEO practices for a fast-loading e-commerce site To ensure your site is always ranked highly by search engines, make sure you follow market trends and always have a grasp on challenges surrounding algorithm changes. Ever since the boom of smartphones and mobile browsing, search engines have been adapted to rank up sites that… Read More »

XML Sitemap SEO Benefits and Best Practices

-Site maps, both HTML and XML site maps are really important when it comes to SEO. Both have really important parts to play in helping Google understand and find all of your content. What are these two site maps and how do they work and what are the implications on your website’s SEO? Well, I’m… Read More »