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How to Add an HTML Sitemap Page in WordPress

Welcome to WPBeginner and thank you for watching. In this video we’ll look at how to add html sitemap page in WordPress. Unlike an xml sitemap, an html sitemaps is more geared towards your visitors so that they can see all your posts on one page. To easily get this on your site, just install… Read More »

Designing a website – Episode 1: Planning & site map!

– Hello, everyone, and welcome to a new series on my YouTube channel. This series is going to be documenting the process of me redesigning, rebuilding my website from the very start to the very end when it launches. I did originally think about doing this all in one video just as like an overview… Read More »

XML Sitemap SEO Benefits and Best Practices

-Site maps, both HTML and XML site maps are really important when it comes to SEO. Both have really important parts to play in helping Google understand and find all of your content. What are these two site maps and how do they work and what are the implications on your website’s SEO? Well, I’m… Read More »

How to Create robots.txt file & sitemap.xml file for seo

Hello and welcome, Today I’m going to show you how to create robots.txt file and also sitemap.xml file for seo purposes. Best way for me to demonstrate how to create these two particular files is to give you an example. I’ve got www.rankya.com.au open now if I was to simply type robots.txt file, you will… Read More »