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Seo Eun Kwang of BTOB found his true talent in Master Key Ep. 5 with EngSub

Who wants to go first? Seong Wu. (Seong Wu from Team Hyun Moo starts.) Can we kick like this? Do we count the total? (He represents failure.) – Challenge. – That’s great. (Team Hyun Moo’s catching up depends on this man.) (Will he manage to win this time?) – 1, 2. – Good. (Is it… Read More »

The Behind Story of HWARANG [ENG/2016.12.26]

1,500 years ago, there were super stars who rocked Silla. A huge crowd of people followed them everywhere they went. They were Hwarang, men who are beautiful like flowers. The people of Silla went crazy for these first ever Korean idols. These men appeared in the heart of Seoul in 2016. The six men who… Read More »

Treats from Friends: Seo Janghoon [Happy Together/2018.11.22]

Now, the next one. Let’s watch the next video. This video is from a whiner. – Let’s watch. / – Who’s a whiner? – Who is it? / – I know many whiners. Hello, viewers. I’m Seo Janghoon. It’s Janghoon. – Oh, my. / – He’s a famous whiner. My face is puffy in the… Read More »