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What These WWE Divas Moved On To After They Left Wrestling

What becomes of a woman in WWE, once known as a “diva,” after she’s done with the company and has moved on to other, less powerbomb-heavy things? Pretty much anything, it turns out. The new, regular lives of former divas have plenty of plot twists worthy of their former profession. Here’s what these WWE divas… Read More »

This is how stylist Seo Sookyung has her year-end party | Insta Famous Lives EP.7-1

(Insta Famous Lives 2) Hello, all viewers of ‘Insta Famous Lives’. My name is Seo Sookyung. I’m sorry. My face is a bit swollen. It’s swollen because I had a surgery not long ago. (Nobody wanted to know that information) I am now in front of a restaurant at Shinsa-dong. I am here because we… Read More »

Oh YoonAh’s dance seduces giant Seo JangHoon! [The Swan Club /2018.01.03]

Today, there’s someone who came by to join you for the class in hopes of learning ballet. (Hold on…) – What? / – A new member? No, she’s not joining the club. She’s just someone who loves dancing. Let’s welcome her with an applaud. (Excited) (Who came by The Swan Club?) (Eyes widen) (She enters… Read More »

How She Makes $200 – $500 Per Day Using Shopify (FREE TRAFFIC)

what’s going on guys welcome back to another video and today I have a special guest and she’s gonna tell us how she makes between 200 to 500 dollars per day with Shopify without doing any advertising so she does know advertising she gets all the good traffic for free and what I’m going to… Read More »

Mate or die trying! – Seven Worlds, One Planet | BBC Earth

This is something new, something fast and a little trickier. But what is it? Is it food? It’s a male Jotus looking for a mate. He needs to catch her attention. But female Jotus only mate once. If she’s mated before, she might kill him. He will need to seduce her with care. Waving his… Read More »

The Chinese myth of the immortal white snake – Shunan Teng

The talented young herbalist named Xu Xian was in trouble. It should have been a victorious moment– he had just opened his very own medicine shop. But he bought his supplies from his former employer, and the resentful man sold him rotten herbs. As Xu Xian wondered what to do with this useless inventory, patients… Read More »

Lana del Rey Family: Boyfriend, Siblings, Parents

Elizabeth Woolridge Grant more known as Lana Del Rey was welcomed in 1985. Her beautiful voice was noticed at a quite young age. That’s why with time, she began writing her own songs to perform in different clubs. In addition to that, she also uploaded her own tracks on YouTube and was immediately noticed by… Read More »

[#AllTimePick] (ENG/SPA/IND) Seo Hyun Jin K-Food Mukbang | #AnotherMissOh | #Diggle

Wow! [Bongsin’s CreatorPick] [Hyun Jin’s Eating Scenes for the Hungry] Hmm~ It’s true Pork belly is best when you’re craving it~ Now~ (Sound of pork belly sizzling) I’ll try something I’ve never done before (She’s packing quite a lot for the wrap) (Wow T_T Please add some garlic there) Here, just try it once Just… Read More »

World No.1 Rank for Women’s Climbing: Chaehyun Seo’s Childhood Rock Climbing Story

She’s like an ox She’s so strong Are there any strong kids in here? (ME) You’re the boss in here…? A kind face with badass back muscles She plays with gravity 11-year-old Rock Climbing Girl How could a 11-year-old girl be so strong? We’ll demonstrate her arm wrestling Start! Well…? Victory She easily wins against… Read More »