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Explain Everything: Show a Live Webpage

[MUSIC] Show a live webpage with Explain Everything. [MUSIC] Start with the new Explain Everything project and insert a browser. [MUSIC] Type in any web address, osu.edu for example. Click on the window once to resize and move it around your page. Click again to lock the page and scroll. Now you can add text… Read More »

Exploring Google Drive

Your document list is now a part of Google Drive. Just like before, you can access your files all in one place, and easily share them with others. Google Drive comes with a desktop application for Mac and PC that adds a Drive folder on your computer. Anything you drag into this folder syncs automatically,… Read More »

Go Google: Google Drive

The screenplay on your home computer The presentation at work Those vacation photos and videos on your phone The trip itinerary on your tablet resumes, recipes, videos With Google Drive, you can now access your files from wherever you are Even the big ones Whichever program you’re using, just drag and drop And there are… Read More »

How To Get Traffic To Your Website Fast

hey guys rich here you are probably here because you want to know how to get traffic to your website fast so in this video I’m going to show you the fastest way to do just that I’ve consistently earned over six figures for the last three years by driving traffic to my websites my… Read More »

Tips for Boosting Video Search Traffic with Google+

Google+ can be a very valuable tool for sending search traffic to your video. Today I want to give you guys a couple tips for using Google+ to really maximize Google+’s full potential in getting you new views and subscribers. That’s coming up you. Hey guys, my name is Tim Schmoyer. And today is Tuesday,… Read More »