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The Mormon War on Porn | Slutever

Is there a part of you that loves the provocation of being… a lesbian, Mormon pornographer? For sure. Yes, I absolutely love **** off the church by making Mormon porn. It’s super fun for me. If you don’t grow up Mormon you don’t realize that there’s all these sexy things about it. But, if you… Read More »

10 Incidents Caught on Google Street View

10 Crazy Crimes Caught with Google Street View Someone needs to teach Google that sex tapes are meant to be consensual. In 2013 Google Street View captured one couple’s moment of passion when they got it on in a back alley in the English city Manchester. In the image, which was taken in Manchester’s ‘red… Read More »

How Close Are We to Curing HIV/AIDS?

[TRACE]In the 90s, we heard about the AIDS epidemic on every local newscast. We were irrationally afraid of toilet seats, pay phones, even kissing people; sex became scary. And while we don’t see those Public Service Announcements anymore… AIDS hasn’t gone away. It’s still a global epidemic. To date, over 39 Million people have died… Read More »

Making The World’s First Male Sex Doll | Slutever

New Sex Tool For TINDER!

Here’s a word from our new sponsor Tricor You spend every night playing video games with your roommate but now he’s found tinder and having the time of his life… every night Now for those who are too shy for tinder due to insecurity and performance anxiety There is Tricor. Just one pill an hour… Read More »

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