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Google Link Attribute Update! | SEO Update

What is a link attribute? Are all backlinks equal in Google’s eyes? As we have discussed in our Domain authority video, there are many factors to consider when looking at obtaining a link from a 3rd party website and the link attribute is one of them. Hey everybody, my name is Dorian and today, we… Read More »

Featured Snippets Update | SEO Update

Do you know what a featured snippet is? With Google Evergreen changes, featured snippets are an opportunity to increase brand awareness, traffic and eventually leads! Why would you leave this space to your competitors? It’s now the perfect time to utilise featured snippets to your advantage! It’s actually pretty easy to do, and we will… Read More »

SEO Tips : Does using bracket can rank my post higher? | [5-8-2019]

does google treat content with quotes or brackets differently? so let’s say you are a big fan of writing content with quotes or brackets but all of the sudden you you will learn about the term called SEO. you become paranoid that your sales become optimal if you use bracket and lots of brackets. why?… Read More »