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Key Word Research 1) SEO Factor K1 Why long tail keywords bring in better conversions

1 00:00:00,719 –>00:00:07,289 In this lecture, you will learn, why long tail keywords bring in better conversions 2 00:00:07,289 –>00:00:10,330 and lower bounce rate. 3 00:00:10,330 –>00:00:17,929 In general perspective, a keyword is nothing but a word, which has got a great significance. 4 00:00:17,929 –>00:00:19,160 right? 5 00:00:19,160 –>00:00:24,239 But let’s talk from a… Read More »

The 6 Time Wasters of SEO – STOP Doing These Activities

– If you’ve had a website for a while you know that SEO takes some time and I’m not talking 30 minutes a day, I’m talking dozens and dozens of hours per week for a really long period of time. I know it’s not what you want to hear but hey, I’ve got some good… Read More »