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Planning Content for More Views with Seasonal SEO

Hey so today’s topic is focused on how far in advance you should plan your content for SEO purposes what do I mean by that for example we are coming up on Christmas time if you are a business that’s selling a product or a service that’s related to Christmas you can pretty much Bank… Read More »

7 WordPress SEO Tips – Beanie SEO

ok so today from the Kondalilla falls in Queensland in Australia I’m going to bring you some SEO tips for wordpress so the first thing is that you need to look at your permalinks so your permalinks need to have words in them so just make sure that they’re set up to be able to… Read More »

SEO For WordPress On Page SEO Tip

all right and welcome my name is Chris Palmer if you are brand new here welcome to Chris Palmer SEO in today’s video I wanted to discuss something that has came up numerous times helping some of my partner’s client sites and that is on page SEO with WordPress and I want to let you… Read More »