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A Beginner’s Guide To SEO Terms

today I’m going to be going over some of the terminology that I use when talking about SEO so let’s get right to it hello everyone my name is Zach from Yas and yes we are going to talk about some SEO terms the first of course you know I said of course the first… Read More »


This branch of SEO involves the optimization of a website so that it can reach international audiences and markets. An optimised website structure provides clear information to search engine regarding the language and the targeted country so that users in specific countries get a version of the website in their language. International SEO is an… Read More »

How Much SEO Do You REALLY NEED to Know?

Hey there! I am Christian A. Dumais and I’m the Head of Marketing at Onely. Here we have a highly trained team of technical SEO specialists who clearly know their stuff, but unfortunately for me when it comes to SEO or technical SEO for that matter I have a lot to learn. All right so… Read More »