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How to Design A Beautiful Homepage That Ranks on Google – The Non-Designer’s Guide

– How do you make your homepage more SEO friendly? You know that hey, for a lot of key words, content pages tend to do better, but does that mean that your homepage can’t rank for anything? Of course not. Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m going to teach you how to design… Read More »

What To Do If Your SEO Rankings Suddenly Drop

James Schramko here from SuperFastBusiness.com having a chat about SEO actually, and I wanted to bring along Gert Mellak from SEOLeverage.com. He’s been helping us with our website stuff. And of course, we’re seeing some amazing improvements with SEO. I wanted to share some of the tips. In our case, we could see a little… Read More »

The #1 Biggest SEO Mistake Nearly Everyone Makes | Avoid This At All Costs

– Nearly everyone who’s trying to compete in SEO makes this mistake. They fail miserably because what they’re doing is nearly impossible to achieve. And yet, most people think that it’s the right approach. Hi everyone, I’m Neil Patel and today, I’m going to teach you the number one biggest SEO mistake nearly everyone makes… Read More »

5 SEO Tips To [Rank #1 on Google 2020] || Madhan Mohan T

Hi, I’m Madhan Mohan, In this video I am going to give 5 tips which can help you to rank better in a SERP Tip number 1: Try to choose a long-tail keyword. While you are doing keyword analysis and picking the right keyword for your business Choose a longtail keyword. With the longtail keyword,… Read More »

SEO Techniques We Use to Get Top Rankings in Google Search for BloggersPassion [2020 Edition]

Hello friends, this is Anil from bloggerspassion.com A blog dedicated to Blogging, SEO and Affiliate Marketing topics. *BloggersPassion Intro, Clip Plays So, in today’s video, you’re going to learn about all the SEO techniques that we use to get top rankings on Google for ‘BloggersPassion’ and the other blogs that we own. So, let’s start… Read More »

A Simple On-Site Change To Radically Improve Your SEO Results

James Schramko here chatting to Gert from SEOLeverage.com. And today I’ve got an SEO question, which is: how do we improve the click-through rates from our site when it’s presented in the Google results? How do we get more people to click through to the site? It’d be really interesting to talk about what it… Read More »

How To Build Thousands of Backlinks Without Even Asking For Them (5 Actionable Tactics)

– A lot of people are reluctant to build backlinks. They get scared because you need to do outreach to hundreds, if not, thousands of website’s owners before you get your first handful of backlinks. But truth be told, you don’t have to do that. There are organic ways where you can attract backlinks without… Read More »

What is the Perfect Article Length for SEO Ranking?

James Schramko here having a chat to Gert from SeoLeverage.com. And Gert today’s SEO question for you is – how long does my article need to be to rank well? That’s an awesome question because it really depends on what you’re trying to achieve with this article. We have tons of tools in our toolbox… Read More »

A Simple Framework To Improve Your SEO Results

James Schramko here chatting with Gert from SEOLeverage.com. Today, I’ve got a question for you, Gert, regarding SEO. And you’ve been helping us with SuperFastBusiness.com. You’ve come in and you’ve had a look around, see what we’re doing. Now, we used to run an SEO business, but I thought it would be a good idea… Read More »

How to Grow Your Website Traffic With SEO | Tyler Horvath

hey guys it’s Tyler again with tyton media got another awesome video today that I’m really excited about it’s how to get more traffic with SEO now I’ve been doing SEO for over 10 years now probably about 12 years to be exact and I’ve had a lot of experience with it I would say… Read More »