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25-minute Local SEO Audit That Will Crush Your Competitors

if you want to drive more organic traffic to your website and beat your competitors so you can attract new customers, you need to understand where you stand in the search engine landscape and what you need to improve. The only way to do this is by conducting an SEO audit which will reveal, where… Read More »

SEO Audit: How to Fix Your Website’s Technical SEO Issues (Tutorial)

In this video, I’m going to show you how to do a basic SEO audit step-by-step. Stay tuned. [music] What’s up everyone? Sam Oh here with Ahrefs and I’m super excited because today’s video is going to apply to anyone who runs a website and wants to make sure that their visitors have a great… Read More »

How to Do an SEO Audit in 15 Minutes or Less with David McSweeney [AMS-02]

[Music] Hi guys, David McSweeney here with Ahrefs. Today, I’m going to run you through a process I use to give me a quick fuel for a website and hopefully identify some SEO issues in the process. So, you can see I’ve got a number of tabs open here, which we’ll be using shortly. But,… Read More »