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SCHEMA MARKUP: Search Engine Optimization

Good thing I’m short like Kendra Tall, like Kendra Search engines can figure out exactly everything about your business I’m gonna do it again (laughs) Let’s talk about search engine optimization And more specifically, schema markup Search engines are on a mission to match searchers intent With the best content that they can find on… Read More »

SEO Company in Bangalore | SEO Agency | SEO Services

Nobody’s internet place a very important of role in our life more people are looking for specific products and services using search engineers every day take advantage of this you want to improve efficiently of your side lager a social metric page all unit is SEO in or jazz a successful they did well up… Read More »

5 Reasons Your Business Needs SEO | ReachSEO | ReachLocal

Did you know that SEO is one of only two marketing methods a business can use to improve their chances of being found on the first page of Google and other search engines? Here are five reasons you need to invest in an SEO strategy today: A good SEO strategy can improve your PPC Quality… Read More »

Short Tail Vs Long Tail Keywords – Which Should You Be Using? | SEO Tips

Short tail versus long tail keywords. Which ones should you be using on your website? Hi, I’m Oliver for Mechanised and today I’m going to discuss the use of short tail and long tail keywords. So, the first question you have to ask yourself is what do you want to achieve from your website? Do… Read More »

SEO Testimonial | Fantastic Fireworks Review SEO Agency Exposure Ninja

(upbeat music) – My name’s Jon Culverhouse. I’m the managing director of Fantastic Fireworks. We’re a professional fireworks company, current British fireworks champions. We put on displays all over the UK, and we also sell fireworks to members of the public for home use. We’ve been working with Exposure Ninja for about 3 years now.… Read More »

In-House SEO vs Agency Outsourced SEO

Should I recruit, or should I outsource my digital marketing for my company? Having worked in digital marketing for over six years, this is a question that I’m asked every single week by many companies that have started up a business and have grown a business to a level whereby they now need to consider… Read More »

Exactly how to create an SEO agency in 2018

(lively electronic music) – Yo, yo, yo, it is I, your boy Dan Ray. And, today I’m gonna show you how to build an SEO empire. This was one of my most popular Dan’s Corners but it was a written post. But, some of you complained that you like to listen to me when you’re… Read More »