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Just the Job – Security Officer/Guard

Eddie: Hello, my name is Eddie, I’m 18 years old and I go to Wanganui City College and I’m interested in a career in security. Clinton: Today’s security industry is fast growing where technology is making big changes. Edward’s headed to the impressive headquarters of Wanganui Security to find out more. Eddie: Wow, what a… Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S5 Finger Scanner also susceptible to ordinary spoofs

Following in the footsteps Motorola, Fujitsu, Apple, and others, Samsung last week released the Galaxy S5 with a fingerprint sensor embedded in the home button. Despite being one of the premium phones flagship features, Samsung’s implementation of fingerprint authentication leaves much to be desired. The Finger Scanner feature and Samsung’s Galaxy S5 raises additional security… Read More »

What is Spamdexing (SEO Spam Malware) & How to Fight It

(perky techno music) – Alright, hello everybody. My name is Krasimir. I’ve been working in security for a while now. I really enjoy vulnerabilities, exploits just reading about them, testing them anything about security really is a passion of mine. I also like playing with hardware. I like playing with Raspberry Pi other small computers,… Read More »