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Voice search in your app

JAREK WILKIEWICZ: This is how users search the web on the desktop. And this is how many users search on mobile, OK, Google. In fact, a recent study shows that 55% of teens, and 41% of adults, already use Voice Search more than once per day. At Google we always look for innovative ways to… Read More »

Google Analytics In Real Life – Landing Page Optimization

MALE SPEAKER: (WHISPERING) Olives. [BELL RINGS] [INDISTINCT FEMALE VOICE ON LOUDSPEAKER] FEMALE SPEAKER: People who’ve bought olives also bought chardonnay. MALE SPEAKER: Oh. All right. [LAUGHS] MALE SPEAKER: 78% of people who viewed chardonnay also bought “What To Do When He’s Not That Into You.” MALE SPEAKER: Mm. Well, I’m just wanting to get some… Read More »

Google Search Console

The Internet is amazing. It’s so easy to share anything you create with the entire world. Like Alice, she just opened an online store for her custom jewelry. But now she is wondering, can people find her site and mobile app on Google? With Search Console, Alice can make sure that Google finds her store,… Read More »

You Ask, I Answer: Help Articles vs. Blog Posts for SEO?

In today’s episode Liana asks What are your thoughts on reusing blog posts for help articles out there pros and cons to posting the same content twice? Where is it better to host content to improve SEO for example, if I want to share content on how to lose weight and we’re fitness tech company,… Read More »

How to set up internal Site Search (3:55)

If you have a search field that lets customers search on your website, you can set up “Site Search” to track what search terms users enter. This can help you identify missing or obscured content, optimize navigation and site layout, improve search results, and even generate ideas for new keywords for marketing campaigns. To set… Read More »

Organic search explained

Hey. Are you ready to dive into the world of organic search? Here, we’re going to explain what organic or unpaid results are. We’ll find out what search engine optimization means, and discover how good website content affects the organic search results. Okay, let’s get started. Back to the coffee shop, and imagine that you’ve… Read More »