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Optimizing Search Term Fields on Amazon Tutorial

okay guys so I got a good one here for you today we’re going to run through some search terms and what to do how to optimize your product listing search terms to get you found the best and the most bang for your buck in search result on Amazon so for this you’re going… Read More »

Online SEO course: Keyword research training

“Why can’t I rank for the keywords I want to rank for? And why am I not getting traffic for the keywords I am ranking for?” Meet Alice. She sells and installs solar panels. She also blogs about renewable energy. She’s trying to increase traffic from Google to her site, but can’t quite seem to… Read More »

Amazon SEO Tool to Rank your Products on Page 1 – EPINIUM ANALYTICS

Hi everyone and welcome to Epinium Analytics. If you arrived here is because you know that optimize Amazon listings takes so long and it’s easy to make mistakes. I can imagine you with your spreadsheet software changing things having no idea about Amazon style guides, or even directly in Amazon Seller Central that is really… Read More »