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7 Ways You Are Ruining Your SEO

hey what’s up it’s Jerad with Hill media group and I have seven ways to ruin your site’s SEO things that I wanted to share with you that I see people often Lee do on their websites and these will ruin your site’s SEO and give you that Google juice to somebody else obviously you… Read More »

SEO Fun Fact Friday Episode 2 – Website redesigns and SEO

Do website redesigns help SEO? In some cases Yes But there are also some things you need to watch out for. We’ve compiled a couple of tips for you to help your website redesign First you need to take a look at your images. With many website redesigns, it’s common to add new images to… Read More »

How to optimize images of website for SEO on Google | SEO tips in hindi

hi you can see my blog name is fundaking.com when I search it in google my website images are appearing on page it means images are optimized let see how you can optimize images and make your websites images appeared on google with your posts with all of your URLs in this video, I will… Read More »

Google Makes HTTPS a SEO Ranking Signal – Elite SEM Digital Marketing News

Hey Everyone I’m Tony and I’m Dan and we are SEO account managers based out of Elite’s New York City office and today we want to talk about HTTPS Google recently announced that it is adding HTTPS as a ranking factor for websites Dan would you like to tell us more about HTTPS? For sure,… Read More »

SEO? Search Optimization? Come on. Cut the crap.

Greg, here, from Mtek. This week’s SEO Tip: Cut the crap. As we’ve talked about before, performance is a big factor in your ability to rank well, whether that be on Google or Bing or anywhere else—predominantly on Google. And since Google has such a huge piece of the search market, well, getting that right… Read More »