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You Ask, I Answer: Dealing With Google SEO Algorithm Change?

Christopher Penn: In today’s episode, Carolyn asks a major update to Google’s core algorithm just came out and our site is down 30% for organic traffic overnight. How do you deal with situations like this? So Google’s algorithm updates happen all the time, because of the nature of the fact that it’s a deep learning… Read More »

You Ask, I Answer: The Difference Between SEO and Content Marketing?

Christopher Penn: In today’s episode a soft asks, Do you look at content marketing differently than a regular content marketing? Should all content be SEO oriented content? When would you make the distinction? That’s a good question. Today in today’s modern SEO environment with the way search engines use artificial intelligence and machine learning, there… Read More »

Google updates PageRank Patent – Digital Minute 01/05/18

Hi, I’m Tatjana and on this week’s Digital Minute, we’re taking a look at a possible update to Google’s PageRank. SEO blogger Bill Slawski published an article last week after noticing that Google had updated a patent relating to PageRank, 00:00:20,000 –>00:00:26,000 which is a core part of its algorithm that determines why certain websites… Read More »

You Ask, I Answer: Best Practices for SEO Related Keywords?

Christopher Penn: In today’s episode, Kali asks, Are there any best practices to use for updating content and focus keywords on established pages that already rank? Well, for an existing keyword? We’re trying to go from using financial planning to using wealth management? Absolutely. The there are a number of best practices for this. But… Read More »

You Ask, I Answer: Local SEO Strategy?

Christopher Penn: In today’s episode chat asks, starting on a new website builder and incorporating multiple drop off locations in various states of the business would be best for SEO value to build standalone sites for each drop location or keep each location as a page under the main site. So generally speaking, when it… Read More »

3 Ways to Achieve Your Organization’s Mission Through SEO

Mark: Hi I’m Mark Steinbrueck and this is Kurt Steinbrueck. We are with OurChurch.Com and in this video we are going to address the three ways to use SEO (search engine optimization) to achieve your mission. And really any marketing initiative that your organization takes on should do exactly that. It should help you achieve… Read More »

SEO Return on Investment: Is It Worth It?

Hi, and welcome to OurChurch.Com’s “Questions and Answers”, where we have the answers to your questions. Today we are going to discuss SEO return on investment. “Is it worth it?” Hi, I’m Mark Steinbrueck, and this is Kurt Steinbrueck. We’re with our OurChurch.Com, and on this video we’re going to talk about SEO, or search… Read More »

Texas-Sized SEO | Connecting with Marketers at TopGolf Dallas

– I just wanted to take a minute and welcome everybody here. We’re so excited to get many members of the Dallas search and marketing community together. Conductor has sort of always been about This like bringing together of communities of marketers to have great conversations, to make silly puns. There are Conductors around if… Read More »

BEFORE You Hire an SEO Company, Here are 6 Questions to Ask

Thank you for watching SEO video tips from OurChurch.Com. In this video we’ll give you 6 questions to ask before you hire an SEO company to make sure you make the best decision. MARK: Hi, I’m Mark Steinbrueck, and this is Kurt Steinbrueck. He’s our Director of Marketing Services at OurChurch.Com, and I’ve asked him… Read More »