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How to plan your site structure for maximum traffic

In this video, I’m going to show you why structuring your website with category and content pages will attract maximum traffic from Google and how using category and content pages is the way to do it. If you need your website to support even a modest business you’ll need to start with at least 25… Read More »

How to add site or Web Page to Search Engines

Copy url or page link of website type “add url to google” in google search Click on add your url Paste link and submit request Thanks for watching. plz subscribe


Crawl Rate. This is a number of requests per second made to a website by Googlebot during the crawling process. Google’s algorithms decide the crawl rate for a site and are designed to not overwhelm the website server. Along with the crawl demand, the crawl rate is the essential part of the crawl budget.

web traffic

Web Traffic Traffic is the life blood of your business. Without web traffic there would be no marketing or Internet as we know it. The best type of traffic is highly targeted. Now it does not matter what you do on line or what your niche is you need visitors. The big corporatations with huge… Read More »

Check website ranking online with your smartphone ।। UNIK BD ।। 4K

Hello Friends Today’s Topic is How we can check any website rank with our smartphone so lets get start…

Google updates PageRank Patent – Digital Minute 01/05/18

Hi, I’m Tatjana and on this week’s Digital Minute, we’re taking a look at a possible update to Google’s PageRank. SEO blogger Bill Slawski published an article last week after noticing that Google had updated a patent relating to PageRank, 00:00:20,000 –>00:00:26,000 which is a core part of its algorithm that determines why certain websites… Read More »

Advanced Tiered Link Building Tutorial Part 6 – Advanced Tactics

Hi Guys Matthew Woodward here and welcome to the last video in my ultimate guide to tiered link building series. In this video you will learn- How to build web 2.0 sites properly You will also learn some of my advanced tier 1 tactics I like to use on tougher keywords You will also learn… Read More »

Day 22: Article Marketing and Free Traffic – Building a Profitable Website for Free

NY SEO Company NumberOneOnTheList knows about search engines

I am so happy about Number One On The List. I want people to find me when they search for me. If no one can find me I can’t do anything. Now I get found and get business. Number One On The List knows about search engines. It is better to be on top of… Read More »