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SEO For Small Business – SEO Services

all right good morning happy Sunday welcome to the easy like Sunday morning podcast my name is Charles Watson and happy Sunday welcome hope everybody is having a great weekend so far I know we are it is beautiful cold front came through Florida and I really enjoy Florida winners it is a balmy 74… Read More »

How to Rank in Google | Boost your SEO in Private Practice

What’s up guys! So I bet you saw the title of this video and you were like, “What is SEO? Ahhh!” Don’t worry, I’ve been there. It’s not as complicated as it seems. There’s actually a free tool you that you can use, in only a few minutes have all the information you need in… Read More »

SEO Tips and Tricks: Keyword Researcher PRO Review

When you use Google you may notice a lot of related phrases popping up as you type for example if I type the phrase “child care” I can see a handful of keywords displayed in the drop-down box here if I type a space and run through the letters of the alphabet I get more… Read More »