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You Ask, I Answer: Help Articles vs. Blog Posts for SEO?

In today’s episode Liana asks What are your thoughts on reusing blog posts for help articles out there pros and cons to posting the same content twice? Where is it better to host content to improve SEO for example, if I want to share content on how to lose weight and we’re fitness tech company,… Read More »

Yoast SEO 11.0 – Big Schema release

If you’ve spent any time searching for things on the web at all you’ve probably seen more and more of these things show up. They’re called rich snippets. They show you recipes, reviews, directions, how-to’s, countless other things. They make it easy to find the information you need. And the technology that makes this possible… Read More »

30-Second Marketing Tip: The Importance of Schema for SEO

Today’s 30-Second Marketing Tip: The Importance of Schema for SEO. Schema is a pre-defined piece of code you can add to your dealership’s website in order to help search engines give users more informative results. Essentially, schema helps search engines like Google understand what the content on your site is about. It’s an important part… Read More »

Schema.org Guide – What Does It Mean for SEO?

Hi, I’m Mike Essex, the Online Marketing Manager here at Koozai. Today I’m going to talk to you about Schema.org and what that means for websites. Now today’s video came from a question that Richard Shove asked at OMD, which is, “What is Schema, and how can it help?”. Schema is a set of codes… Read More »

What is SCHEMA MarkUp and its Importance| SEO Tutorial Hindi

What is Schema MarkUp Importance of Schema MarkUp

Schema Markup-SEO Complete Tutorials guide in Hindi–Digital Learning44

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Structured Data and your SEO Strategy

This week’s tip: Structured Data Happy Tuesday! Greg, here, from Mtek Digital. Today we’re going to talk about structured data. Now, structured data. What does that mean? Structured data is the application of semantic data to your webpages to provide more information to search engines and crawlers that come to visit your page. There are… Read More »

How FAQ Rich Snippets Increase Your Search Visibility In Near Real Time

Hey guys, Matthew Woodward here, and I’m going to give you a live demonstration of an awesome trick that’s going to increase your search visibility almost instantly. Now check this out. If we do this Google search for Ahrefs review and scroll down, you’ll see my result right here with the people, also ask box… Read More »