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Yeon Seo x Dan ● When love it just ain’t enough? ▷ Angel’s Last Mission

What do you want me to do? That means… You won’t come with me. You… Can’t you stay by my side? Wait for me. If you wait a little more… I’ll figure out everything, and come back. you? What’s wrong with your face? What? What’s the problem? I missed you. Me too. I missed you,… Read More »

Doo Min Jun doesn’t recognize Cheon Song Yi !! (Funny Lift Incident)

Your earrings. You have to give them back because they’re sponsored. Happy? I’m going now. Can we let her go alone? She ran into a pervert the last time she got into an elevator alone. And that pervert was hospitalized for eight weeks. She beat the hell out of the kid with a cell phone.… Read More »