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HISHE Horror Compilation

Hello? Do you like scary movies? No, I’m more of a romantic comedy type person goodbye forever There are certain rules that one must abide by in order to successfully survive a horror movie Rule number one, have parents that care about you. Mom. Dad. Can I go to a party? I mean spend the… Read More »

Top 15 Scary Videos That Went TOO FAR!

15. Act of Revenge Have you ever seen some bizarre stuff at your place of work? You might have been if you work at the Hello Pizza takeaway in Liverpool, England. AUTHORITIES suspect this act of aggression was an act of revenge. I n August of 2017, a man wearing a hood tossed a box… Read More »

Horrifying Internet Websites You Should Avoid At All Cost

Right now, you are just one click away from something creepy or absolutely terrifying. There are many websites devoted to death, destruction, and horrors that once you visit you may never be the same. We have taken it upon ourselves to warn you of the dangers and what sites you should avoid if you can.… Read More »

Top 10 Most Feared Cities In The World – Part 2

Hey most amazing top 10 Family Im your host Che Durena and welcome back to most amazing top 10. Do you have some travel plans laid out but your not sure where to go, well today Im going to help you knock off a few places that you might have wanted to check out. Well… Read More »

Top 10 Scary Berlin Urban Legends

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the internet! I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today we are talking about the top 10 scary Berlin Urban Legends ! JA! I’ve been to Germany a few times, but only to Cologne where my mate Christina lives. I would absolutely love to go… Read More »

Top 10 Oldest Immortal Mummies

Hows it going all you most amazing people I am Landon Dowlatsingh and welcome back to another most amazing top 10 video. If you guys have not already go check out my vlog channel I have daily vlogged for over 1,200 straight days. and right now we have been traveling the world so they are… Read More »

Top 10 Scary Mythological Gods In History

What’s up people hope you’re having an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video here at most amazing top 10. Okay the reason i love mythical gods is because they can have as many cool powers or abilities as possible, without being real and able to hurt you so… Read More »

8 ‘Fear Factor’ Teams Prepared To Drown For $50K | MTV Ranked

– [Ludacris] Start the water. (water splashing) – Oh– (beep) – [Ludacris] The water is rising, feel it. It’s coming for you. – [Corrie] Laying in the box with the water coming in your face, water over your neck, I started hyperventilating because my biggest fear is to drown. – [Ty] It felt like I… Read More »