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Converting a Webpage to AMP (AMP UP Ep.1)

Build the future of the web with modern JavaScript (Google I/O ’18)

How to FIND FONTS used in a web page 🔎

so you’re doing your thing browsing the web and you stumble upon the slickest font combo but you cannot identify that typeface well I’m gonna show you exactly how to find those fonts. hey it’s Rob from One Page Love and this is the first of hopefully many tutorials on my youtube channel that start… Read More »


Hi there. This is a short video about how to set Google as your home page in the Safari browser – this is really only for Mac operating system, just because you can’t run safari on a PC, at least I don’t think anyway -so here’s Safari, and uh…I’ve got Apple as my home page… Read More »

The power of Headless Chrome and browser automation (Google I/O ’18)

[MUSIC PLAYING] ERIC BIDELMAN: My name is Eric Bidelman. I’m a web developer, but basically, I’m an engineer that works in the Chrome team, but I also work in developer relations, which means I help you guys, web developers, build kind of the latest, greatest web experiences, adopt new APIs, and lately I’ve been focused… Read More »

The State of Images – The State of the Web

RICK VISCOMI: Hello, everyone, and welcome back to “The State of the Web.” My guest is Colin Bendell. He’s part of the CTO office at Cloudinary, and co-author of the book, “High Performance Images.” And today, we’re talking about the state of images. Let’s get started. [MUSIC PLAYING] Colin, thank you for being here. I… Read More »

Add a sitemap for more than 50,000 URLs – SEO Snippets

[MUSIC PLAYING] JOHN MUELLER: Today’s question is about sitemap files. Mike from India asks, how do we add a sitemap for more than 50,000 URLs? Sitemap files are a great way to make your content known to Google and to other search engines. However, they’re limited to 50,000 URLs per file. What do you do… Read More »

Can my URLs use non-English words? – SEO Snippets

[MUSIC PLAYING] JOHN MUELLER: Today’s question comes from John, from Switzerland– that’s me. My question– so can URLs use local non-English words? For sites that target users outside of English-speaking regions, it’s sometimes unclear, if they can really use their own language for URLs. And if so, what about non-English characters? Google Search uses URLs… Read More »