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Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn to Get a Job at Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc.

Hey everyone welcome to CS dojo my name is YK, and I’m your host, and today We’re going to talk about the top five programming languages to learn for getting a job at companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft Etc so the obvious question here might be Does it really matter which languages you learn if… Read More »

Should I Learn HTML Before Ruby?

Should I Learn HTML before Ruby? At least you know that Ruby is fairly advanced, so you need to learn the basic framework. I’ve heard I should learn HTML first, while others say I need to learn CSS, RDBMS, Python or something else. The first thing you need to know is what you plan on… Read More »

RoR.03.How to change default application web page in Ruby on Rails

Our demo application has two web pages: home and about We want to use home web page as default (root) web application page To change routing table we use routes.rb file located in config folder pages_home & pages_about are the path for the web pages The root parameter specifies the path to the initial web… Read More »

What Is A Single Page Application?

Everybody, I’m Dave Hecker and today we’re going to talk about a term that we are are hearing all the time these days, and a lot of clients are asking about. It’s the single page application. We’ll talk about what it is, and how it’s going to affect you and your project. Okay to start,… Read More »

Ruby Ring | 루비반지 EP.79 [SUB : ENG,CHN / 2014.07.10]

What is it? What is it, mom? You two… You two… You two… What is it? Do have something to tell us? Nevermind. Just go. We’re not going anywhere. You’re sick. We notified the office. Get out now. Both of you! Mom… Both of you, get out now! Both of you, get out right now!… Read More »