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[CC/FULL] You’re All Surrounded EP19 (3/3) | 너희들은포위됐다

Did you get to see the test results? That was brought to me by your son. I was never interested in whether you were my father or not from the beginning. So let me ask you this. Where is Yoo Ae-yeon? I must know why she was mistaken. And if she wasn’t mistaken, I must… Read More »

[CC/FULL] You’re All Surrounded EP08 (3/3) | 너희들은포위됐다

Team Leader. What’s this? Please take a look. Yes, I saw it well. What about it? Captain was right. Unless you’re pushed, when you fall, you unconsciously throw out an arm to break the fall, to instinctively protect your head. I tested it out over 10 times. So? No matter how you fall, you end… Read More »

[CC/FULL] You’re All Surrounded EP10 (3/3) | 너희들은포위됐다

Welcome, Commission… Assemblyman. Welcome. What brings you personally all the way to the station? Let’s go in. This way. Please have a seat. Section Chief Cha, I have something to discuss with Chief Kang privately. Ah, yes. Then please go on. Hyung-chul has returned. Did you know? I wasn’t aware. But, he is saying strange… Read More »

[CC/FULL] You’re All Surrounded EP13 (2/3) | 너희들은포위됐다

Who is it? Hello, I’m an officer of the Gangnam Police Station. Is Mrs. Yoo Ae-yeon home? She isn’t home. She isn’t home? We must see her about the assault case. When will she back? I don’t know. Then please tell her that the Gangnam Police Station has opened a case and is now investigating.… Read More »

[CC/FULL] You’re All Surrounded EP05 (1/3) | 너희들은포위됐다

It’s been a while, Team Leader Seo. You haven’t forgotten my voice, have you? Are you… back for good? It so happened. We should meet. Yes, it’s me. I haven’t found it yet. What exactly does the pendant look like? Don’t worry. We have Detective Seo, so I will make sure to wrap it up… Read More »

[CC/FULL] You’re All Surrounded EP08 (1/3) | 너희들은포위됐다

Hello. How have you been? Long time no see! This place hasn’t changed at all. It’s always the same for us. Please have a seat. I’ll be back in two hours. Keep up with good work, Captain Lee. Aye, seriously… Hey, hey, Sa-kyung. Let go. Hear me out… I was a fool for believing that… Read More »

[CC/FULL] You’re All Surrounded EP07 (1/3) | 너희들은포위됐다

[24 hours before] Yes, I’m at the Seoul station now. To go to your house, which line do I need to take? Where? Then you’ve been staying here all this time? Yes. So… I’d rather die, jumping off here than show this to my mom. I’m really not hoping for anything else. Just for tonight,… Read More »

[CC/FULL] Good Things Get Better EP09 (3/3) | 낭만닥터김사부

I’ve handed my report over to Dr. Yoon myself. Fortunately, I was able to hear the answer that I wanted to hear from her. I almost did something quite immoral as a doctor. Is Hyun-ji doing well? You still remember my child’s name? Hey, of course I do. She was the youngest patient that I’d… Read More »

[CC/FULL] Good Things Get Better EP01 (3/3) | 낭만닥터김사부

It’s okay. It’s okay! You saved him. That’s all that matters. You did the right thing. You did the right thing, Yoon Seo-jung. What is it? I’m sorry. This is all because of me. It’s due to my own shortcomings. I was a mess when I had to step up and I acknowledge that I… Read More »

[CC] 돌아와요 아저씨, Come Back Alive, EP10 (2/3)

Da-hye, what are you doing with the Store Manager? What is it about the back and those shoes? I can understand you feeling thankful to him for looking into your husband’s case, but why do you keep giving him opportunities? He’s boarding. He’s boarding at my house. Why a man who is not your family..… Read More »