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I Just Invested $11,000 In 8 Days (Ep. 5)

4 Catfish Who Posed As Someone They Knew IRL | Ranked: Catfish

– [Nev] And what about this Nicole person? – [Nicole] That’s my daughter, Nikki. – [Nev] You used pictures of your daughter? – Yeah. – Does your daughter know that you’re using her pictures? – [Nicole] No. (eerie music) – Hi. – [Nev And Max] Hey! – Larissa, we just read your email. We have… Read More »

Generate qualified leads from your website traffic

Hi I’m Keenan for visitors.guru. On your dashboard you’ll see the companies that visited your profile on the left and on the right you can get more information about them, like their website, their LinkedIn, their location as well as company phone number. Here we direct ourselves to their company LinkedIn profile. Once we get… Read More »

Why I Invested $5,000 In These 5 Dividend Stocks Yesterday (Ep. 3.5)

MY PORTFOLIO IS DOWN 21.76% – Stock Market Crash? (Ep. 3)