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The Mormon War on Porn | Slutever

Is there a part of you that loves the provocation of being… a lesbian, Mormon pornographer? For sure. Yes, I absolutely love **** off the church by making Mormon porn. It’s super fun for me. If you don’t grow up Mormon you don’t realize that there’s all these sexy things about it. But, if you… Read More »

Tim Keller: “The Reason for God” | Talks at Google

>>SON: Good afternoon, everyone. Thanks for coming out to Authors at Google. My name is Eugene Son. And before we begin, I’d like to extend a special thank you to everyone who made this possible. A lot of work goes into setting this up so I really appreciate that. It is my pleasure to bring… Read More »

Rise of the Dead Teens (Ep. 3) | Fantasy High

(intense music) – You fucking brained this old lady– – With her own ladle! – [Brennan] With her own ladle! – I am sorry! – Don’t trust the faculty. (death rattle) You rip Riz out of there– – [Ally] Hell yeah! – And a slimy piece of parchment falls out of his hand, covered in… Read More »