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Claim Your ‘Google My Business’ Profile & Make It Work for You

You might already know that there’s a free listing on Google for qualified local businesses. But what you may not know is that if you don’t claim your listing, your company will have less of a chance to get in that coveted spot in the top three local listings when someone searches for real estate… Read More »

How To Book 3X MORE Appointments For Your Real Estate Business In 8 Minutes!

What’s up, you guys Jason Wardrop here and in today’s video I’m gonna break down how to book more appointments from the leads that you’re already generating for your real estate business guys I’m not talking about the follow up I’m talking about immediately after you generate a lead how to actually take advantage of… Read More »

Getting Your First Deal Done + A Tip To Double Your Assignment Fees With Tom Krol

here’s what you have to know you are going to have gut-check moments this is God’s where the universe’s way of saying you know are you worthy of the awesome potential that wholesaling can bring to you hey guys and gals this is trevor with InvestorCarrort coming at you with another carrot cast and on… Read More »

8 Fiverr Gigs for Real Estate Professionals

– Hey what’s goin’ on? This is Seth from the RETipster Blog, and if you’re experience is anything like mine, you probably know that there’s a lot of stuff that has to be done, and done well, when you’re running a real estate investing business. And I’m talkin’ like beyond the basics of knowing how… Read More »

Top 10 WordPress Themes for Real Estate Agents And Investors

– Hey guys, what’s up? This is Seth from the RETipster blog and in this video we’re gonna talk about 10 of the best real estate WordPress themes on the market today. And if you’ve got a website that’s currently running on WordPresss, or if you’re thinking about building a new website, we’re just gonna… Read More »

Real Estate SEO | How to Rank on the Search Engines [1 Hour Video Tutorial]

– [Lori] All right, in today’s video, we’re gonna talk specifically about real estate SEO, ranking on the search engines for real estate, and I’m gonna tie in a little bit on generating web traffic as a general rule, where we tie in social media and pay-per-click advertising as well. I’m gonna be, I always… Read More »

Best Real Estate Marketing – Simple Local SEO Strategy For Agents

hey guys welcome to a great awesome new edition of John Jay podcast on marketing by Jonathan today I’m actually gonna talk about an awesome awesome real estate local SEO strategy that I have put together for you guys this is basically for real estate agents so as an agent you actually have the opportunity… Read More »

Introduction to Real Estate SEO | What is it? | Why it’s the most effective real estate marketing.

Hi my name is Robert Newman. I am a real estate marketing expert located in California. I’ve consulted with or run the sales teams of some of Southern California’s top real estate technology companies since 2007 and in 2014 I started my own real estate technology consulting company called inbound real estate marketing. I’m going… Read More »