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Living in Florida: What’s it REALLY Like? 🌴 Cost of Living, Traffic, Weather | MELANIE ❤️ TAMPA BAY

are there really alligators walking down the street can I go to the beach or Disney world every day how hot is it on Christmas Day what is it actually like to live in Florida hey everybody this is Melanie Atkinson realtor with Smith & Associates in beautiful Tampa Bay Florida and today I want… Read More »

Ranking on the first page of Google Part 2 how to rank on the first page of google free

hey everyone Clarine I’m back with video number two I should say part 2 a ranking first page of Google why you need a blog and leveraging internet to get your business or service or even your hobby the masses globally so first video we talked about the election ranking we talked about why you… Read More »

3 Ways For Realtors to Rank Higher on Google

– Ranking in Google is tough, but we’re going to give you three tips in this video to make it a lot easier. (mid tempo music) So whenever I talk with real estate brokerages or agents, they always want to rank in Google for their city name plus the words real estate. I hate to… Read More »

The Power of SEO Digital Marketing – No Business Like Home Business – Bob McIntosh Sharing Knowledge

Hey how’s it going guys this is Joshua Inglis and I’m here with my man Mr. Bob McIntosh now Bob is an international speaker with over 2,500 hours on stage and he’s just crushing it in New York and Buffalo say hi for everybody Bob what’s happening out there we’re old hope you’re having a… Read More »

Superlative | Real Estate Template Websites | Review |

All right, the next company on our list is Superlative. Superlative is another lease to never own real estate IDX provider. I honestly, I used to bump into these guys a lot at real estate technology conventions like NAR and things like that. I think that I know more about them than other people do.… Read More »

#1 MOST PROFITABLE Digital Marketing Agency Niche For Beginners

What’s up you guys Jason Wardrop here And if you are a beginner looking to make some money online with zero investment Literally no tech skills and just the easiest way to start making some extra side money I want to prove to you that the best way to do that is by starting first… Read More »

Claim Your ‘Google My Business’ Profile & Make It Work for You

You might already know that there’s a free listing on Google for qualified local businesses. But what you may not know is that if you don’t claim your listing, your company will have less of a chance to get in that coveted spot in the top three local listings when someone searches for real estate… Read More »