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YouTubers React To Try Not To Cry Challenge (Golden Buzzer Moments)

– Here we go! Everybody hold on! Ahhhh! She did it! – Oh my gosh. (laughs) ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we have a challenge for you that might make you a little emotional. – Uh-oh. I woke up this morning ready for a challenge. – Oh, what kind of emotional? ‘Cause… Read More »

YouTubers React To No Nut November Challenge

– (man) What we strive for with No Nut November is not impotence. – Sex class, kids. – Yes. – “Only on day three of No Nut November. Had to throw this on to not lose sight of the mission.” That’s pretty funny. – That’s smart, too. – ♪ (dramatic intro) ♪ – What is… Read More »

YouTubers React To Top 10 Most Viewed Netflix Originals Of All Time

– I got it right. Perfect! Cool! – It’s unbelievable that I haven’t heard of so many of these. – I’m so bad at these videos! ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ – (FBE) Earlier this year, Netflix started disclosing their viewership figures towards original shows, which is something that they have never done before. – Right,… Read More »