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Keyword research training: Determining traffic potential – Google Trends

In this screen cast we are going to explore how to use Google Trends to measure the frequency of your keywords. First of all let’s take a quick look at Google Trends as a whole to get an idea of how the tool works. Once you visit trends.Google.com you see a search bar at the… Read More »

Why might a page with bad backlinks links be ranking highly?

Today’s question comes from Idaho. The question is, “I’ve seen multiple websites that appear in the number one spot for various keywords, whose backlink profiles are pretty low quality, like lower quality blog pages. Why wouldn’t Penguin have moved these sites further down in rankings?” Good question. So there’s a lot of possible reasons. One… Read More »

Ranking on the first page of Google Part 2 how to rank on the first page of google free

hey everyone Clarine I’m back with video number two I should say part 2 a ranking first page of Google why you need a blog and leveraging internet to get your business or service or even your hobby the masses globally so first video we talked about the election ranking we talked about why you… Read More »

How strong is Iran’s military?

as Washington and Tehran continue to exchange ultimatums naturally attention is drawn to whether Iran has what it takes to confront arguably the world’s most powerful military conn-young or zooms in on the country’s capabilities the United States has the strongest military in the world but how does Iran stack up according to an annual… Read More »

3 Ways For Realtors to Rank Higher on Google

– Ranking in Google is tough, but we’re going to give you three tips in this video to make it a lot easier. (mid tempo music) So whenever I talk with real estate brokerages or agents, they always want to rank in Google for their city name plus the words real estate. I hate to… Read More »

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