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Google Sheets and Python

So you’re building a simple internal app and you think “I’m gonna need a database right?” Well, not so fast. As this tweet points out, Google Sheets might be all you need. Let’s see how we can use Python to access Google Sheets. To kick things off we’ll first create a project inside of Google’s… Read More »

Google Python Class Day 1 Part 1

>>PARLANTE: All right, hey there. Hey, good morning. Welcome to the PyQuick Basic Python Class. My name is Nick Parlante and I work in Google’s engEDU group which deals with sort of technical training in engineering. And also I have a job at Stanford where I work as a lecturer. So, the Python today is–or… Read More »

Hackingtons online coding classes for kids. Learn Python, HTML, and Scratch computer programming

This is Python. This is the programming language that you want to learn. It is one of the most popular programming languages in the world, and for good reason. Companies like Google, Amazon, and Netflix all use Python in one way or another. I know what you are thinking, well if all of those gigantic… Read More »

Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn to Get a Job at Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc.

Hey everyone welcome to CS dojo my name is YK, and I’m your host, and today We’re going to talk about the top five programming languages to learn for getting a job at companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft Etc so the obvious question here might be Does it really matter which languages you learn if… Read More »

Randall Munroe: “xkcd” | Talks at Google

>>NORVIG: Thank you all for coming. This is great. This was the biggest room we could get on short notice and it’s great to see it so packed. So, in every generation, an artist comes along that redefines the way we look at art, you know. So, Jackson Pollock did this and the immediate reaction… Read More »

Web Development from the Ground Up for Beginners (HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python) – 01: Introduction

Hello and welcome to my web development tutorial! This tutorial is designed for complete beginners to be able to create a web app from scratch with the currently existing web technologies. This course will include two parts: the first one is for client side, the thing that shows up in your browser such as buttons,… Read More »

Navigating Tags – Web scraping with Beautiful Soup 4 p.2

What’s going on? Everybody welcome to this second beautifulsoup tutorial in our little [beautifulsoup] [mini-series] in this tutorial, we’re going to be doing is Slightly more I suppose getting something really specific from my page where you can sort of think of it like navigation But it’s not totally [like] navigation like some other libraries… Read More »