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Basic HTML and CSS Website for Beginners | Web Development |Technical College

“Visit site : www.itbaba.net”


Hi I’m Anna Lytical the sickeningly entertaining and educational coding queen and apparently the only way I know how to code is by mindlessly copying and pasting. So today we’re gonna build a really quick a really fun website that is made exclusively by copying and pasting code to show you how to not mindlessly… Read More »

Google Python Class Day 1 Part 1

>>PARLANTE: All right, hey there. Hey, good morning. Welcome to the PyQuick Basic Python Class. My name is Nick Parlante and I work in Google’s engEDU group which deals with sort of technical training in engineering. And also I have a job at Stanford where I work as a lecturer. So, the Python today is–or… Read More »

Engineer explains programming memes in DRAG: recruiting, binary, HTML

… I … Hi, I’m Anna Lytical , your friendly neighborhood drag queen and top tier tech educator – today we’re gonna look at some memes. I think when you’re learning to code, humor is a great way to stay up-to-date on what’s happening, to be in the know, laugh about it with your friends,… Read More »

Host Website on GitHub – Bootstrap Website – Web Development 101 – dacade

Welcome, In this video, we will host our website on GitHub, so everybody can access it. What is github? Github is the largest host of source code in the world. So if programmers write code they often upload it on GitHub, so they have it stored safely and can share it with other people or… Read More »

ASP.NET Tutorial – 05 – HTML Controls

All HTML elements can be made into HTML server controls. To do this we place them inside the form control and include the runat server attribute. The element now becomes a HTML control that we can manipulate using its id reference. The control in this case is of the HTMLAnchor class. For this class we… Read More »

The FASTEST web framework in 2020! Simple TODO service with actix – Part 1

Hi guys So I was taking a look at Tech Empower’s benchmarks and the results of the last round surprised me. This framework is taking the first two positions and… there is a large gap with the next in the rank. if I’m not mistaken, this amount is “request per seconds”, and it’s ridiculous! 700000… Read More »

Don’t Lose Your Head! Find Inner Peace with HTML – Daisy’s Web Dev Diary

[intro music]>>MYSTERY MAN: When you’re a balloon, sometimes you make a site on the inner nets. A net-site. I make a site, but it’s all bloated up… I’m a balloon.>>DAISY: What is the problem, Mystery Man?>>MYSTERY MAN: My head, it’s so full of the htm-elementals. Oh no! My head gonna asplode.>>DAISY: Calm down, let me… Read More »