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Why I left my job at Google (as a software engineer)

Hi, and welcome to another episode of The Tech Lead. My name is “The Tech Lead.” and I will be The Tech Lead today. I wanted to talk about why I left my six figure job at Google. Because for a lot of people they imagine that once they get into Google It will be… Read More »

7. Building Web Applications: Heading Element in HTML | HTML For Beginners 🌐

7 Tips for the Coding Resume (for Software Engineers)

Hey, you there. Well come on over here and sit down. Welcome back to another episode of the TechLead. This is the second part of coffee time. That’s why the coffee has been watered down. Oh, that’s gross. I might try opening up a coffee shop to sell this stuff. The profit margins must be… Read More »

1. Building Web Applications: Introduction to Parts Of A Web Page | HTML For Beginners 🌐

Hello everyone and welcome to building web applications my name is Steve Bishop from ProgrammingMadeEZ.com And I’d like to welcome you to this brand-new course on how to build web applications Throughout this course we’re going to be discussing HTML CSS and JavaScript But in this video where can I just start off with some… Read More »