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5 Ways to Get More Out of Google Contacts (Tips & Tricks)

(melodious instrumental music) – [Scott] Let’s get so much more out of Google Contacts. Hello everyone, Scott Friesen here at Simpletivity. Helping you to get more done and enjoy less stress. And if you use Gmail or any type of Google application, chances are you are using the Contacts page. So in today’s video I’m… Read More »

5 Ways to Get More Out of Google Keep (App Tips & Tricks)

(upbeat chime) – [Scott] Google Keep is a fantastic tool for capturing all of those notes and ideas. All those thoughts that pop up throughout the day. And I know a lot of users really appreciate the layout of Google Keep. It is very simple. It’s not nearly as full-featured as some other note taking… Read More »

Responsive Web Design to Get More Traffic – Whitehat Shepherds Bush London

well up did you know that you’re losing a lot of visitors and potential customers if your website is not mobile friendly a study commissioned by Google shows that 52 percent of users are unlikely to engage with the business that has a non mobile friendly website having a responsive webdesign means that your website… Read More »

Easily generate new content with Microsoft Flow

>>In Microsoft 365, we provide great tools to make it easier than ever for you to be able to compose new content inside of the office client and through no code solutions like Microsoft Flow. Microsoft 365 has also introduced new capabilities, making it simpler than ever for you to automatically generate new content either… Read More »

How to Stop Overthinking Your Marketing And Do The Work 5x Faster | FAST Business Growth

– Do you feel you’re spending a lot of time on your marketing and not getting much done? After 40, even 60, even 80 hours of just working on your marketing each and every week, just feel you’re putting in so many hours, but you’re not getting a ton of results. Well, we’re about to… Read More »