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How To Increase Web Traffic

I’m Joe, from Seven Video Productions and in this video I’m going to show you how to drive traffic to your website with a how-to video. Videos are a fantastic way of driving traffic to your website and the best type of video to do this with, is a how-to video. How-to videos target viewers… Read More »

Season 11, Episode 1 – One-Zero-One | Red vs. Blue

[VOICEOVER] Journal entry …one-zero-one. It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these so, uh… let’s get caught up to speed. Everything can be traced back to Project Freelancer, a military organization gone horribly wrong. The men in charge were corrupt, and the soldiers who followed them were blind. And guess which side I… Read More »

Camp Camp: Season 2, Episode 1 – Cult Camp | Rooster Teeth

David: *snore* Pine. David: *snore* Cedar. *snore* Gwen: Goooood morning, David! David: Goooood morning, Gwen! David: Wait- this feels backwards..? Gwen: Yep! Gwen: But today’s the day! David: *gasp* You’ve realized your love of Camp Campbell and everything it stands for?! Gwen: HELL NO! David: “Help… Wanted?” Gwen: That’s right. Gwen: Found a stash of… Read More »

Content marketing tip of the day: 10. Remember SEO

Always optimise your content for the search engines. Use a plug-in like Yoast, which tells you how to do it. Write a catchy title and include keywords in the meta data and URL. For videos, include the transcript in the description.

Podcast success avoid pitfalls! 003 PODCAST PRODUCERS PODCAST: Stuart Morrison SEO tips

Hello, welcome back to the Podcast Producers Podcast with me Neil Mossey. Welcome back to the Happy Hut – it’s as you can probably hear it’s deep midwinter here in the UK. We’re going to get indoors with Stuart Morrison who’s an SEO expert – as quickly as possible… I just wanted to say thanks… Read More »