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Why Google won’t protect you from big brother: Christopher Soghoian at TEDxSanJoseCA 2012

Translator: Mohand Habchi Reviewer: Denise RQ My name is Christopher Soghoian, and I’m a privacy researcher. In particular, I study the surveillance state that we now live in. Not exactly the theme that’s happened today. If you look in Hollywood movies, cop shows on TV, we see a single vision of surveillance. We see surveillance… Read More »

The History of Google

This company’s mission is to organize the world’s information, and make it universally accessible and useful. Welcome to WatchMojo.com, and today we are taking a look at the history of Google. PhD students Larry Page and Sergey Brin began Google as a research project in January 1996 while attending California’s Stanford University. By developing a… Read More »

Tracking Pixels & Retargeting: Explained!

Have you ever been browsing around an online shop, looking for something like shoes, only to then see ads for those shoes on another website like Facebook? That’s pretty creepy! How does Facebook know that you were looking at these shoes? Well, behind the scenes, the webshop owner is using tracking pixels. No, not the… Read More »

Google Data Center 360° Tour

[electronic music] Sandeep: Hi. My name is Sandeep, a developer advocate on the Google Cloud platform. Welcome to the Google Data Center at the Dalles, Oregon. Take a look around. Before we go inside, we need to make sure that we have the appropriate security clearance. Most Google employees can’t even get in here. So… Read More »

NSA Reportedly Filters 75 Percent of U.S. Internet Traffic

(Image source: Wikimedia Commons) BY EVAN THOMAS More U.S. surveillance revelations, this time that the amount of domestic Internet traffic the NSA watches is much higher than originally thought. A new report from the Wall Street Journal indicates the NSA combs through as much as 75 percent of all U.S. Internet traffic in its hunt… Read More »

Google’s bias problem is more complicated than you think

– Google has a bias problem. Or at least congress seems to think it does. When the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, went before congress, the committee was very concerned that the search engine might somehow be biased. – It’s not possible for an individual employee or groups of employees to manipulate our search results.… Read More »

Encrypted Traffic Analytics: Detection without Decryption on TechWiseTV

– [Robb] Computer networking started with the simple idea of getting messages from A to B. – [Lauren] We soon learned that we needed A and B to talk securely. – Well encryption is a process of scrambling communications so that if someone gets a hold of it, they don’t know what it is, all… Read More »