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PINTEREST VS INSTAGRAM for Marketing and Business | What is the Best For Your Goals??

Pinterest versus Instagram! Knowing me as a Pinterest marketing expert you probably might expect that Pinterest is going to win this comparison game but the truth is that there can be no winner because everything will depend on your type of business and your goals on the platform. Hi! I’m Anastasia of AnastasiaBlogger.com I’m a… Read More »

How to Optimize Pinterest Content For SEO Using SEMrush

So you’ve optimized your content and it’s working. You’re seeing your following and engagement grow and maybe you’re even seeing some referral traffic or conversions coming from Pinterest to your site. Awesome! But did you know that your Pinterest page can organically rank on Google for certain search queries? It’s true! But how!?!? SEMrush allows… Read More »

2018 SEO Hacks for Pinterest | Pinterest for Business Tips

– Who doesn’t love a good SEO hack? And that’s what we’re talking about this week on Hard Facts. Hi, I’m Samantha Cunningham Zawilinski, and I’m giving you even more SEO hacks for Pinterest, this week on Hard Facts. If you haven’t caught up in our series of Pinterest for Business, find the link here… Read More »

HOW TO RANK #1 ON PINTEREST – Ranking Hacks and Pinterest SEO Strategy | Pinterest Keyword Ranking

In this video I’m going to show you how you can rank #1 on Pinterest in 4 easy steps. And don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell to be notified every time we post a new video. Hey there. Welcome to Yes To Tech, where we empower non-techie online entrepreneurs like you to maximize… Read More »

HOW TO RANK #1 ON PINTEREST – Ranking Hacks and Pinterest SEO Strategy for Winners!

How can you rank number one on Pinterest? Is that the question you are looking for? Well, in today’s video I will show you how you can rank high in Pinterest search results and why you don’t necessarily need to rank number one to get a ton of traffic from this platform. Hi! I’m Anastasia… Read More »

Pinterest Keyword Tool – Maximize SEO For Pnterest To Drive Ecommerce Traffic

Pinterest can be the perfect keyword search engine for you. Go to the search bar up here, type in your terms. You’ll notice as you type it in, it auto-completes. Those words are searches that have been done on Pinterest. This group right here at the top. Those are all keywords. If you take your… Read More »

TOP 5 Pinterest Marketing Tips 2019 | Guaranteed Pinterest Growth Strategy for Business and Bloggers

Have you ever checked popular Pinterest accounts and wondered what are the secrets of those big Pinterest accounts that have millions of monthly views and get thousands of page views on their sites on Pinterest so In today’s video I want to show you the most current Pinterest marketing tips Which work equally well for… Read More »