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Responsive Web Design to Get More Traffic – Whitehat Shepherds Bush London

well up did you know that you’re losing a lot of visitors and potential customers if your website is not mobile friendly a study commissioned by Google shows that 52 percent of users are unlikely to engage with the business that has a non mobile friendly website having a responsive webdesign means that your website… Read More »

How to create and submit Robots txt for html , php, wordpress site

How to create and submit Robots txt for html , php, wordpress site Reading option Colley’s robo dot txt file. What is meme bear over a tasty fight? Why we can use him for over a tasty file This is our ginger. Allow your website our diesel your website a total web site in a… Read More »

PHP SEO Slug URL Generator

In this video we’re going to create a slug generator or a “SEO URL friendly” generator basically allows us to take a string like this and go ahead and convert it to something like this, and we’ll be looking at regular expressions in PHP and this will basically allow us to just quickly and efficiently… Read More »

How To Setup Google Analytics On Your php / html Website Tutorial For Beginners 2017

Slid out activated Webmaster Was this one it is fine now this today will be called out that word who will engage second one how to integrate? Webmaster to Rule antics now here the error will be called google.com slash analytics Google Arkham Slash analytics a a Loi Ta th Google.com Cash analytics in this… Read More »

Will removing “.html” from my URLs help my site? – SEO Snippets