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Exporting design assets for web – File types & optimization

– Hey everyone. Welcome back to my channel. Today I’ve got a video for you all about exporting assets for websites. Now, I consider the main goal when exporting an asset to go online is for the file size to be as small as possible without losing quality, because smaller file sizes mean faster loading… Read More »

PSD to HTML and CSS – pt 1. Getting your PSD Ready to Code

Hello and welcome to this tutorial on PSD to HTML and CSS video one getting your PSD ready to code. Just so we are on the same page and we can use the same PSD file, I have supplied to you a link to a woodsman blog layout from a great designer Adrian Pelletier? From… Read More »

How to change the background colour of a webpage in HTML

[intro] [intro] [intro] [intro] [intro] [intro] Hi this is Nick from Alphixia and this is the fourth HTML tutorial In this tutorial we will learn Background color formatting We use body bgcolor equal to your color in double quotes Then your content end the body save and open testpage as you can see the background… Read More »

How to make a Basic Webpage Using HTML

[intro] [intro] [intro] [intro] [intro] [intro] Hi, This is Nik from Alphixia and this is the first HTML tutorial HTML is a language for describing web pages I won’t tell much about it but one thing you should know is everything that starts in html has to end We call it start tags and end… Read More »