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WordPress Tutorial: How to Add a Photo Gallery

Hi and welcome to WordPress.com. This video will show you how to add a photo gallery in a page or a post. To get started, log in to your site and click on My Sites. For this example, we’ll create a new blog post where we’ll publish our gallery. Click on Add next to Blog… Read More »

Google Cloud digitizes The New York Times’ photo archive

First New York City subway, 1904. And there you have it. The morgue is what makes The Times The Times. There’s six hundred cabinets, a few thousand drawers. Six to eight million photographs dating from the late 1800s on till the 1990s. This is the Flying Hunters. This ran in 1930. George Washington Bridge. France’s… Read More »

Awkward Google Street View Photos (GAME)

( upbeat music plays )One day, the Google-minded people at Google decided to stick cameras on a bunch of cars and have them take pictures of every single street in the entire world. Amazing. There you go with Google Street View. – And there you go. – There you go with it. With as many… Read More »

Facebook New Picture Transfer Feature – FB Pics To Google Photos

Facebook the biggest social media giant has recently announced the launch of a photo transfer tool to allow users of its social network to transfer their pictures directly to Google’s photo storage service through encrypted transfer the photo portability feature will be initially available to Facebook users in Ireland according to Facebook they are still… Read More »

Google Photos: Automatic Backup

man: Look at you, Mr. Spontaneous. Feeling good today. Until you realize, your phone is in your pocket. Sure, you can get a new one… but your photos? What will you do? man: Ahhhhhhhhhhh… man: Nothing, because every pic and video you’ve ever taken in your entire life was already backed up for free with… Read More »