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Location Portrait New York City Subway: OnSet ep. 253

Hey this is Daniel Norton, I’m here in New York City with Marissa, and we’re gonna go on an adventure. We’re gonna go down into the Subway. So the Subway is one of those places, it’s like classic New York. Everybody loves to make portraits in the Subway and there’s actually lots of light down… Read More »

Copyright: Ask David Bergman

So who owns your photos? And what does it mean to have copyright. I’ll go over all of it on today’s episode of Ask David Bergman. Hey everybody, welcome back as always, I’m here answering your photo questions, don’t forget to go to askdavidbergman.com and submit your own questions there, I’ll pick the best ones… Read More »

How to Incorporate Motion into Flash Photography Part II | Mastering Your Craft

This is part two of incorporating motion with flash photography, and what we’re gonna do is jump in a light room, grab our exercisr files and process the images, then go to Photoshop to show you some simple compositing techniques on how you can take these six layers and quickly combine them into this final… Read More »

The Benefits of using a Leaf Shutter: Ask David Bergman

So why would you use a leaf shutter, instead of a focal-plane? I’ll tell you on today’s episode of Ask David Bergman Hey welcome back to Ask David Bergman of course, as always David Bergman here answering your photography questions on Adorama TV. Don’t forget to go to AskDavidBergman.com, ask your own photo questions, I… Read More »

Glacier Ice Cave Photo Challenge: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace

Hi everybody, welcome to another episode of Exploring Photography right here on Adorama TV. I’m Mark Wallace on an epic photo challenge in Patagonia, I’m in Puerto Rio Tranquilo here, and it’s a, the weather has kicked up significantly and on this photo challenge if you haven’t seen the previous video make sure you watch… Read More »

Fun Bokeh Shapes: Ask David Bergman

How do you make the lights in the background of your image turn into different shapes? I’ll show you right after the intro. Hey welcome back to Ask David Bergman, of course here I am answering your photography questions. Don’t forget to go to AskDavidBergman.com, ask your own photo questions there, and I’ll answer the… Read More »

7 Tips On Optimizing Dynamic Range For Olympus OM-D

Hi my name is Robin Wong and here are seven tips to optimize dynamic range for Olympus OM-D cameras. I know it is really frustrating to hear people say that Olympus OM-D cameras using tiny micro photo sensors will never get enough dynamic range and that if you want better than the range you will… Read More »