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16. SEO For Beginners: AutoHotKey – Automate Your Work!

AutoHotKey AutoHotKey is a free automation tool for windows and allows you to create a set of instructions that are executed using a single key on your keyboard. It’s a fantastic tool to increase efficiency by automating a repetitive process. So how do we use AutoHotKey for SEO? AutoHotKey can be used for creating backlinks.… Read More »

SEO For Beginners – The Ultimate Guide!

Hey guys, In this training series I’m going to be teaching you the basics of SEO. SEO is a huge topic and because I want to help you get started right away without overwhelming you with information, I am only going to be covering the important things that you must know to do any SEO.… Read More »

17. SEO For Beginners: Steal Your Competitors SEO (Free Method)

Stealing your competitors Link-Juice The process involves finding where you competitors SEO juice is coming from and replicating the flow onto your website. This means that you will be creating backlinks that point to your website. You can use backlink checkers to find the source of your competitors SEO juice. Here is a list of… Read More »