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SEO Tips to Avoid Penalties when Google updates the Algorithm

– Google have just rolled out a broad core algorithm update this week and it looks like we’re all doomed. – We’re doomed! – Doomed! – Doomed! – No, no, I’m only kidding. The algorithm updates are becoming less and less hardcore and kinda more like fine tuning. (hissing) – Concentrate. Concentrate. – [Homer] I… Read More »

How Google Algorithm Updates Can Get You Blacklisted | Avoid These 3 SEO Mistakes!

Google continually releases new algorithm updates, from Hummingbird, to Google Panda, to Google Penguin, the animals are countless. And, for some reason, I don’t know why they like naming the algorithms after animals but they just do. Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m going to teach you how to Google-proof your website. The… Read More »