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(ENG/SPA) Try Not To Fall In Love with Park Seo Joon | #TNTChallenge | #Diggle

[TNT Challenge] (Starts off with a sweet but normal kiss on the hand) (Kiss…♥) (Bright sound) (Smooth back hug) (Tough-guy wrist grab) Where is she going? She was watching me sleep (The amazing skill of a vice-chairman) (Feels like my heart’s melting) What? Shouldn’t you be able to put up with this You’re the one… Read More »

(ENG/SPA/IND) [#Youn’sKitchen2] Choosing New Dishes for Youn’s Kitchen!! | #Official_Cut | #Diggle

[Youn’s Kitchen Official Cut] (At a restaurant a few days later) (No further explanations needed) (Yu-Mi has quickly been promoted as section head) Hello (The new part-timer arrives all dressed up) Hello (The staff have gathered to come up with a new menu) (Greeting Seok Cheon, who will help with the menu) (Ready to take… Read More »

(ENG/SPA/IND) [#Youn’sKitchen2] Lee Seo Jin Speaks English to 13 Customers #CompilationZip #Diggle

[CompilationZip] (Foreign language moments from Youn’s Kitchen) (Normally you mix everything, you put here?) (Yes, mix everything) (Also the sauce?) (Not everything) (This is chili and this is soy sauce) (So if you want soy sauce, you put soy sauce) (If you want chili sauce, then chili sauce) (Not together) (If you want, you can… Read More »

(ENG/SPA/IND) [#Youn’sKitchen2] Lee Seo Jin’s Favorite Dish is Now on the Menu!! | #Diggle

[Youn’s Kitchen Official Cut] Did they finish the food? – Our first customers – The ones from Denmark I think the couple ordered just enough since they could share a kimchi pancake and a bibimbap together (The boss isn’t fully satisfied with today) If only we had four more teams, right? A family came in… Read More »

(ENG/SPA/IND) [#Youn’sKitchen2] Lee Seo Jin, This is What You Call Marketing! #Official_Cut #Diggle

[Youn’s Kitchen Official Cut] We’re all ready, right? [Seo Jun] Yes (Then) (Let’s plunder the safe) (Looking suspicious) (Looking around to see who’s watching) (Goes on a secret walk) (to the local market) (Seogenie’s target) (is lollipops) (Holds them like a bouquet) (and puts them out in the restaurant) What are those for? They’re for… Read More »

Soompi Awards 2015 Drama Winners: Lee Min Ho, Park Seo Joon, Ji Soo, Lee Won Geun, Eunji & More

We’re your special MCs for Soompi Awards 2015! Thanks to all of your support, Soompi Awards has come to an amazing end. This year Soompi received over 40 million votes! Most amazingly, #SoompiAwards2015 trended in more than 16 countries and worldwide on Twitter! Are you ready to see the winners? Let’s see them! Hello, I’m… Read More »

Park Seo-joon’s The Divine Fury Vs Stigmata American Horror Movie

The Divine Fury It is a 2019 South Korean action horror film written and directed by Joo-hwan Kim. It stars Park Seo-joon, Ahn Sung-ki and Woo Do-hwan. The film tells the story of Yong-hoo (Park), a martial arts champion who gains divine powers to fight with a powerful evil force. After a tragic childhood, which… Read More »


Someone who isn’t you nae gyeote niga anin dareun sarami Is always by my side, looking at me hangsang nal baraboneunde The way you talk, the way you look, is not unfamiliar at all ni maltu ni moseub natseolji anha The person I’ve been waiting for neaga gidarin saram Maybe because I don’t know love… Read More »

[RUNNINGMAN THE LEGEND] [EP 362-4] | Park Seo-joon & Kang Ha-neul ‘3 Answering Game’ (ENG SUB)

The answer has to make sense. It has to make some sense. – Are you ready? – Yes. Who are three female celebrities you’ve dated? Jun Ji Hyun. Jung Yu Mi and… – Gosh, I’m sorry. – Okay. (Kwang Soo wins with his smart question.) Gosh, I’m so sorry. (Splash) (The losing team member falls… Read More »