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How does URL structure affect PageRank?

>>Here’s a fun question from Chris F. Masse, who asks, “On your WordPress.org blog (mattcutts.com), why did you switch from domainname.com/year/ month/day/sample-post/ to domainname.com/postname/? Has this to do with how PageRank flows within a site?” Okay, so this seems like a very insider kind of question, but let’s try to pull something that people would… Read More »

INFO2040X mod4 kleinberg scaling page rank v1

We’ve been talking about PageRank as a kind of score for web pages, and we have this nice notion of equilibrium values of PageRank, which regenerate themselves exactly when we apply the Basic PageRank Update Rule. And they had this very nice property, right? So we were looking at an example of a strongly connected… Read More »