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On-Page & Off-page optimization – Whiteboard video – Day Translations

Welcome to part one of our SEO crash Course Series We’re going to answer some of your most burning questions about SEO starting from the beginning. What’s the difference between on-page and off-page optimization? In a nutshell on-page optimization is the process of improving your website from within. While off page optimization includes tactics you… Read More »

Mastering SEO on the WordPress.org Plugin Repository

Hi! Ben from Freemius here. Let’s say you are a WordPress plugin developer and you have a freemium plugin. So far, so good. Now, you want to get the most out of the massive distribution of the wordpress.org repository to boost your free user base – but you’re not sure how? Well, in the vast… Read More »

SEO Training in Kolkata, SEO course in Kolkata

Search Engine Optimization SEO training Kolkata Introduction to website structure HTML, CSS and Javascript Understanding Static and Dynamic websites and their pros and cons. Competition Research and analysis On page training in Kolkata and Howrah HTML structure analysis, validation and optimization Keyword analysis using Google Key-Planner tool and excel maintaining Title, Description, Keyword Meta tags,… Read More »

Improving website performance with Page Speed

Kerner: Hi, my name is Sam Kerner, and I’m a software engineer at Google working on making Google faster. Page Speed is a tool that gives you concrete suggestions for how to make your web site faster. We look for things like, did you compress your images, did you set proper caching headers, did you… Read More »

Get Backlinks For Top Google Page Rank

Hey there, this is Matt Bredel again, and I’m just finishing lunch and I decided to take a little bit of a break because we just finished talking about much of the theory behind on page search engine optimization. So we’re going to turn the pages a little bit and we’re going to start focusing… Read More »

GoDaddy Presents – Promote your business on Google

Announcer The vast majority of consumers use Internet search engines like google, yahoo or bing when researching and shopping for products and services. Announcer To help potential customers easily find you, you need to optimize your site and advertise your business by being listed prominently on the top search engines. Announcer Search Engine Visibility from… Read More »

Importance of User Interface and Responsive Web Design – SEO Tutorial for Beginners 2018

Using micro formats markup you can make your date simple to publish in a standardized direction so that you can do many things like make your webpage available for indexing faster and searching easier. To use micro formats in your webpages is a one of the hottest on-page SEO techniques. Optimize user interface web page… Read More »

Importance of Social Media Brand Pages and Share Buttons – On Page SEO Tutorial for Beginners 2018

Add social media profile links: You must have to use social media fan pages to indicate users to like your official social media page to get the latest update on the social media sites. If any user starts following you he will get all information on your social media pages shared by you, if there… Read More »