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Video Marketing Strategy with 2020 Planner

Do you wish you had a video marketing strategy to boost your business? Today’s your lucky day. I’d like to show you how to use a video planner. Hi, I’m Teena Hughes – I like to help people grow their videos online. I’ve created a one page planner for 2020 for video marketing, which I… Read More »

How to add video to your WordPress website

Do you want to add video to your website? If you’re in a personality-based business, like a coach or a real estate agent, having a video on your website is really important so that you can let potential clients know exactly who you are. I’m Brighton West and today on Subscriber Nation, I’ll show you… Read More »

30-Second Marketing Tip: New Stats on Automotive Video Consumers

Today’s 30-Second Marketing Tip: New Stats on Consumers of Automotive Videos. A study by Google and ComScore found that 96% of automotive video viewers watched videos of the brands they ultimately ended up purchasing. It also found that 84% of viewers watched an automotive online video for more than 3 minutes. Video is a powerful… Read More »

How to Create a Custom Thumbnail

Want to know how to get pretty and eye opening a Custom Thumbnail for all your YouTube videos? Well, in this video I’m going to walk you through as I create my own Custom Thumbnail and show you how you can do it even if you don’t have Photoshop or any type of graphic designs,… Read More »

Benefits of Video Marketing – Video Helps Boost SEO

Benefit number five is that it helps boost your SEO. When analyzing the top 100 search results on Google, video appears in about 70 percent of searches. This is why having video content will help you boost your SEO by huge amounts and give you a special advantage over your competitors. Video content that continues… Read More »

How Captions Assist Video SEO: Beet TV & 3Play Media Interview

Our mission is to make video accessible, searchable, more engaging, and SEO friendly through innovative captioning, transcription, and translation solutions. The beauty of having video and text together is that you can reach a very large audience. People who are deaf or hard-of-hearing can consume the video. People who want to follow along at their… Read More »

YouTube Partner MeetUp in New York City (June 16, 2011)

MARGARET: Come on in. Grab a seat. Don’t forget the food. My name is Margaret. I’m with the YouTube partnership team. I’m really happy to see a lot new faces here as well as a lot of faces I know. Just for fun, how many of you have been partners for less than a year?… Read More »

SEO Embed Video Tutorial

[UPBEAT MUSIC] Hi. I’m Sofia from 3Play Media. When I need the answers to a question quickly, I usually just ask Google. But Google can’t do everything. For example, Google can’t watch videos on your website. Since Google can’t watch videos, it can’t index the important content that’s contained within them. With our easy-to-use SEO… Read More »

SEO TIP 4 Basic Search Engine Optimization Tricks for Newbies!

Alright! SEO tips nunmer 4. Use blog, google loves blog why? because its constantly updated and revelent information you build the static website and you come and look at it and you come look at it again 6 months later and nothing is changed. You can check out blog every time you refresh it there’s… Read More »