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Keyword Research And SEO Analysis For Your Videos

How do you find out what your viewers really, really want to watch? By doing keyword research! INTRO Welcome to the Youtube Income Challenge where you can win some really cool prizes and learn how to generate thousands of dollars from Youtube in 90 days. I’m Tyrone from Social Video Hub and let’s get on… Read More »

How to get more Views on Youtube with SEO

We have Danielle Ford here with us. Amazing video marketing strategist. You know Danielle, what is better? Is it better to do pre-recorded video like on YouTube or is it better to do live video? That just depends on you and your target market. Some people expect polished videos and some people are really good… Read More »

How To Maximize Your Reach and Sales Using Video Marketing | Neil Patel

Do you want generate more traffic and sales but you don’t want to wait a year before you have to see results through channels like SEO? Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel and today, I’m gonna teach you how to maximize your sales and traffic leveraging video. (calm electronic music) See, the cool thing about video… Read More »

My (Daring) 5 Year Business Plan For The Neil Patel Brand

so you just talked about your ambitions for the brand this year where do you see the brand in five years the Neil Patel brand or even thinking that far are you not even thinking of five years are you just like month by month year by year no I I do think that far… Read More »

OL 029: How To Systematise Your Video Marketing In 2012

Inside episode 29 on Outsourcing Live, I reveal to you my automated video marketing system that I use to get traffic from Youtube. Then, inside the quick tip, I share with you an amazing WordPress theme that creates stunning sales pages that will help you sell more of your products and services online. Check it… Read More »

Video SEO – Host or Post videos for links and traffic

When businesses are contemplating their video production And marketing, SEO always comes up as a consideration. One of the main queries that we hear from customers regarding video SEO, is how they should host the video. There are a number of options. There’s video platforms such as Youtube and Vimeo. There’s also self hosting or… Read More »